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August 6, 2016, 8:10 PM

A Life That Lasts

This week I was challenged by an idea while listening to a sermon. The preacher said that most people do not know the names of their great great grandparents, and many do not know their great grandparents. My initial reaction was to say no way. But as I began to think about it, I think that he is right. I could not name my greats or great greats on both sides. It seems so wrong that my parents and grand parents, who have had such an impact on my life, will have little to no impact on Emory's children.  

Now, his point really had nothing to do with knowing your family history. He was simply pointing out the importance of making the most of the influence that you can have today. There are exceptions to the rule I'm sure, but if your family is going to know anything about your life a generation from now then it better count for something important. He made the point that if you want your life to matter to your great great grandchildren tomorrow, then build a firm foundation for the gospel in your children and grandchildren today. 

When we were dating, Carrie's mom let me read her grandmother's journal. It was her thoughts and prayers from her quiet time. Carrie's great grandmother made her faith the centerpiece of her life. She had barely any formal education at all, but she could have written books with the thoughts and ideas she had in her Bible studies. The importance of her relationship with Jesus is being felt now five generations down; and that on top of the impact that she had on the people she knew and loved during her life on earth. 

Every church has a purpose, the same purpose. We are called to make disciples. We are called to build people up in Christ. We are to lay a foundation for the gospel in the lives of people around us and for the generations of people to come after us. 

To be honest, that sermon this week made me feel very small and insignificant. But, it also pointed out how large of a job we have as a church. Building up people and families in Christ can have an impact on generations that will never know our name. 

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