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July 12, 2017, 12:20 PM

Jesus Is Interrupting You

In John chapter 5 verses 1 through 18, we find Jesus interacting with a lame man at the pool of Bethesda or Bethsaida or however. The man has been lame for 38 years. We don't know how old he is. It is possible that he is only 38 years old and has been lame for his entire life. It is also possible that at one point in his life he knew what it was like to be strong. To run and jump. But has since come down with this affliction. Either way, at some point in dealing with this handicap for 38 years, I imagine he has come to terms with the fact that this will be his life. He will always be lame. He has one hope, but that hope isn't really a hope.


You see, his hope is that somehow he will be able to be healed by being the first person in this pool at a certain time. But, since he is lame, he will never be able to be the first person in the pool.  Therefore, he will never actually be able to be healed. No matter what he does, the joy that he truly seeks will always be just out of reach.


Then on this day, Jesus asks him a big question. Jesus asks: “Do you want to be healed?” I know what you are thinking. Of course Jesus, of course he wants to be healed. Who doesn't want to be healed?


But If you read the story, there is one word that jumps out at you. It jumps out because it is nowhere in the man's answer. That word is Yes! The man doesn't say Yes I want to be healed. Instead, he begins to give all the reasons that have caused him to give up hope. All the reasons why God won't heal him. All the reasons why his life is a lost cause.


Let me tell you what we often do. We often put God in a box, and we say: “If God is going to take action in my life, it will be like this __________.” When we do that, we limit God and eliminate faith. When that happens, we have no choice but to allow our circumstances to determine our hope. When our circumstances determine our hope, then the truth is that we have none.


This guy is in a situation where he has a God that is powerless (or simply doesn't care) and a hope that is nonexistent.


Somewhere in his 38 years, this man had lost hope. Somewhere in his 38 years this man had begun to believe that the pain of hope was worse than the pain of brokenness. He had succumb to the manageable pain of a hopeless broken life.


But, luckily for him and for us, Jesus interrupts him. Jesus interrupts his pain. Jesus interrupts his hopelessness. Jesus interrupts his brokenness. Jesus interrupts him and says: “Do you want to be healed?”


Jesus interrupts you today with the same question? Do you want to be healed? Do you want to be made whole? The first step toward the life of joy and hope that we all want, is to begin to trust Jesus with our pain. Will you say yes to Jesus today?

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