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December 15, 2016, 12:29 PM

Our Brokenness vs. God's Greatness

One thing that I have learned as we have walked through different people in the lineage of Jesus is that the Bible make no effort to hide it's scars. There are people in the Bible who do not necessarily have to be there. Scripture could just as easily have glossed over them with a passing mention. In fact, Scripture does that with so many people. The book of Numbers is nothing but a long list of people who get a quick mention but nothing else. Something like: “Bill lived and had these kids,” and that is all we know.  At some point in time a guy named Bill was alive and had kids. 

But there are people that have their whole story told in Scripture; or at least a part of their story that makes it feel like it is the whole story. People who I feel pretty confident would have rather been glossed over with just a passing mention. People who have an embarrassing story. A story they are probably ashamed to remember, much less record it for the rest of time. 

This has brought two questions to my mind.  1.) Why does Scripture make sure to include the broken, bruised and shameful stories?  2.) If Scripture makes no effort to hide its scars, then why do we as the church put so much effort into convincing people that we are perfect?

Answering question one makes me think of Christmas with my family. All the moms and cousins would gather around and put together puzzles. Not small puzzles, but large complicated puzzles of Thomas Kinkade paintings. I was never allowed to help because I wasn't skilled enough to work the puzzle, even though I had many small puzzles that I had memorized. The more pieces the puzzle is broken into, the more it reveals the skill of the one putting it back together. God's greatest works of redemption are not those with perfect comfortable lives. His greatest master pieces display His ability to take something totally broken and put it back together. 

Answering question two makes us acknowledge the truth in question one. We know we are broken, but we don't want others to know it too. We must reach the place in our walk with Christ that our confidence lies in our Savior's ability to put us back together. Only then can we be honest with one another about: 1.) how broken we really are, and 2.) how great God really is. 

Our brokenness reveals the greatness of His redemptive work. 

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