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February 4, 2016, 1:03 PM

Our Sunday School Is Ready to Grow if YOU Will Lead the Way

The last part of our Sunday School Outreach Program is the most practical part of the whole plan. It is really so simple that it almost seems to simple to work. It is one of those ideas that once it is spelled out in front of you, you wonder how on earth it isn't already happening. The last aspect of our Sunday School Outreach Program is a Prospect List. 

A Prospect List is like a set of goals. It is simply a list of people who it is your goal to see in your Sunday School class in a certain time frame. Putting someone on your prospect list is simply stating to the whole class and to God that our goal is to get this person to be a part of our Sunday School Class. 

It is at this point that I anticipate you having two questions. Question 1: “Who are we supposed to put on our Prospect List?” Question 2: “How is a list of names going to help our Sunday School grow?”

Well the easiest way to answer both of these questions is that if everyone will reach one person, then our Sunday School will double in size. So, your one person is who we need you to put on the list. Then, we need the whole class to commit to achieving the goal of reaching that person. It really is as simple as everyone reaching one. But, how do we take something simple and make it practical?

Each Sunday School Outreach Leader will need to work with a group of class members no larger than 15 people. Every quarter the Outreach Leader and their Outreach Group will come up with 5 names to place on the class's Prospect List. The class and the group is making it their stated goal to reach those five people through the means of Prayer, Mailing Letters, Making Phone Calls, and Personal Visits. 

The first and third weeks of the month will be “Weeks of Prayer”. During those weeks, the Outreach leader will assign each person in their group someone to pray for that week. If the group has the full 15 people in it, then that means that each person on that Group's prospect list is being prayed for by three different people. That is a good thing. That person will be on the heart of 3 different people in your class. 

Next, the second and fourth weeks of the month will be action weeks. During those weeks, the Outreach Leader will assign each prospect to someone who will make a personal contact. The Outreach Leader will need to keep track of who is supposed to make the contact and whether or not it was done. That personal contact may be done through mailing a letter, making a phone call, or even going to visit. 

In addition to this, each class will need to set an official Class Visitation Day. It may be the 2nd Tuesday or the 3rd Friday of each month. But, each class needs to a dedicated day and time when they will meet together to pray, divide names, and visit those on their Prospect List. 

I want you to think about the cumulative effect of this Sunday School Outreach Plan. First, it doesn't require too much of any one person, but it does require some from all of us. Therefore, our church is working together to fulfill its purpose of reaching people. Two, the Prospect List will be a list of names of people that already have at least 1 relationship within your Sunday School class. Then, that person is specifically prayed for a total of six weeks by up to three people. They are also contacted in one way or another 6 times over that 3 month span. They are also visited 3 times in that span. 

So during a quarter, each prospect is receiving 18 weeks of prayer and 9 personal contacts. What began as a personal relationship with a single person has transformed into a relationship with an entire Sunday School class. Our hope is that it will lead to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 


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