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January 23, 2016, 3:33 PM

Our Sunday School Needs to Grow

Some time back I wrote in the bulletin about my desire for a Sunday School Outreach Program. There was some interest, but also a lot of unknowns. My main focus was that we should intend to grow our church by growing our Sunday School. While I spent a lot of time talking about my reasons for believing in a Sunday School Outreach Program, I did not spend a lot of time going into how it might work. There are three main things that each class will need four our Sunday School Outreach Program to be successful. 

  1. Each class will need a Sunday School Outreach Leader.
  2. Each class will need to total buy in.
  3. Each class will need a list of prospects. 

This week I want to focus on what I believe it will take for you to be a good Sunday School Outreach Leader. 

Good Outreach Leaders will be people who first and foremost love Jesus. If you don't love Jesus, you shouldn't be a Sunday School Outreach Leader. If you do, then I think you should at least consider it. Second, good Outreach Leaders need to love their Sunday School class. If you don't love your class, you are not likely to invite people to it. So, if you love Jesus and love your Sunday School class, then you should begin to pray about being the Outreach Leader for your class. Even if you think that it sounds like a job for someone else, through prayer God will begin show you your role in growing the class that you love. 

Next, the Outreach leader needs to be someone who cares for the people in their class. A Sunday School class is not a meeting that is held in a certain room before the preaching hour. A Sunday School class is a group of people who desire to grow closer to God, together. Therefore, when people are missing, the class is falling behind on reaching its goal. Proverbs 27:17 says: Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another. This is not simply a warning to surround yourself with Good people, but it is also a reminder that it takes others for you to be sharpened. There is an aspect of our spiritual growth that is dependent on our growing closer to God with other people. That is why a Sunday School class is a group of people who desire to grow closer to God, together. 

But, to be an Outreach Leader, you can't just care for the people in your class. You must also want more people to come and join your class. I think that for your to do that most effectively, you need to truly understand the value of having a Sunday School class to lean on. Many of you have stories of times in your life when your Sunday School class saw you through a tough time in life. These stories are what will make you a great Sunday School Outreach Leader. 

Churches are unique organizations. Very few, if any, other organizations have their priorities set the same as a church. A church is an organization that looks to benefit people who aren't members at the cost of those that are members. A Sunday School Outreach Leader needs to be the person in the class who is willing to remind the class of this vision on a weekly basis. As the class is working to grow closer to God, together; the Outreach Leader does the work of reminding everyone that there are other people who need to be on this journey with us.  

For this reason, the Sunday School Outreach Leader will need the whole class to buy in, but we will talk about that next week. This week, begin to pray about whether God would have you to be a Sunday School Outreach Leader. Your class teacher has a sign up list for those who feel lead. 



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