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November 5, 2015, 11:13 AM

Remembering the Sabbath

The issue of “Remembering the Sabbath” is often a complicated one, especially for “goal oriented” “type A” Americans. This commandment is often overlooked as less important than the others. It is easy to see the value of not stealing and obeying your parents. We totally get that God does not want us to kill each other. But, why does God insist that everyone take a day off?

Let's consider a few of things that may help us understand the value of this commandment. First, God doesn't exactly tell us to take a day off. The remembering the Sabbath comes with the task of keeping it holy. Second, we need to understand what remember means. This isn't “remember that one time when we....” as in remember looking back. This is more of a “remember your anniversary and plan accordingly” as in remember looking forward. Lastly, we as a culture have an upside down view of work and Sabbath. 

Work is our opportunity to add value to the community as a whole, but we often confuse it as what adds value to our life. I believe that this is because what we really value is money and the independence it brings. We work to get money so that we can spend that money on what we value. That has led to a culture where the people that distract us from real life (athletes and entertainers) are worth millions, while those that truly add value to life (teachers and stay at home moms) are worth very little. If we really valued life then teachers (who work to cultivate and protect life) would be paid higher than brokers (who work to cultivate and protect money). 

If we believe that work is what adds value to our life, then we will view Sabbath as a missed opportunity to add value to our life. Instead, the Bible views work as how we add value to the community. The Bible views Sabbath as how we add value to our life. 

To remember the Sabbath and keep it holy means that we must first plan ahead and make provision for it. This means that we arrange our lives and our work around our worship. This keeps God at the forefront of our purpose. Second, we must use that day to worship God, experience His presence, and enjoy His blessings. This means intimacy with God. This means realizing the greatness of God in his creation. This means enjoying the generosity of God in the relationships that He has given you. This means soaking up the beauty of God in sunsets and the smiles of your children. This means consuming the creativity of God in the variety of flavors and good food. 

Sabbath is an opportunity to add value to your life through connecting with God through worship and through His creation. 





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