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June 23, 2016, 4:24 PM

Shameless Promo

Each week I try to write a column that follows the subject matter of the sermon. It is not always easy, but I usually enjoy the challenge. It basically amounts to finding two sermons from that week's passage; preaching one and writing the other. Well, this week I am going back to pick up a passage that I planned to preach on a few weeks ago when God changed my plans. So, since I have already used the article that goes with this sermon, I have decided to use this space for some shameless promotion for what we are doing on Wednesday nights. 

Wednesdays during the summer are always a little slow. People are gone, ball games are happening, and the garden doesn't quit growing weeds because you want to go to church. But, we still press on.  Our Children's Program takes the summer off. Trust me when I say, the teachers need a break. They give everything they have during the school year, and they need the summers to revamp. They youth group has a different feel, but the summer is a great time to begin incorporating the new group of students moving up. So, with everything being a little different, I thought it would be good to outline exactly what we are doing this summer on Wednesday nights.

The Content

Since summer is the only chance for everyone to be a part of Wednesday nights, I feel like the content needs to be specifically chosen and high quality. This summer I have chosen to take us through a survey of the Old Testament. We are moving along at a pretty fast pace; usually looking at a whole book each week. So far we have covered Genesis – Numbers. Looking at the books as a whole gives us a unique perspective. Often times when we read scripture, we are really just looking for some small little nugget to encourage us. What we miss when we do that is the greater story that God is telling in His word. By taking a big picture overview look at scripture, we are really tracking the story that God is telling through his word. Each week we see how that big picture story relates to us and how it points to Jesus. 

The Goal

The older I get, the more I realize how important it is for us to know God's word. It is the key to understanding how He wants us to follow Him. My main goal is for us to learn God's word in a deeper and new way. I want us to have a greater understanding of God's plan for His creation and what He desires from us. I can only speak for myself, but I have been challenged and blessed by the study that we are doing on Wednesday nights. 

Another goal that I have for Wednesday nights is to provide an opportunity for parents to teach children how to sit through church. This is a concern that I have heard a few times: “Our kids are in children's church on Sunday mornings and aren't learning how to act in church.” While I think the value of our children's church program far outweighs any of those concerns, I do understand the points. This summer, instead of a children's summer program, we are providing families with the opportunity to practice being in big church. It is a much less stressed situation than Sunday mornings. Plus there is a video each week. On top of that, I make a handout for adults and a worksheet for kids that follows the themes that we are talking about. It is mostly just a color sheet, but I am working on developing more. 

All in all, I think that if you are missing Wednesday nights, you are missing out on something very worthwhile. 

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