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May 12, 2017, 2:36 PM

Three Mothers

Mother's Day is a wonderful, complicated, happy, tortuous holiday. It is a wonderful thing to think about and remember our Mother's. But, it falls right between Easter, graduations, summer plans, end of school, ball games, spring cleaning and a dozen other things. It is weird that a we put a holiday that we made up and picked a date for in such a complicated place on our calendars. It is happy to think back and reminisce about all the fun times we've had with our moms. But, there are also those out there that are struggling with the loss of a mother. Or there are those out there struggling with not being a mother yet. With all of that in mind, here are three specific mother's to pray for this year. 

Mom 1: Mother's without moms. It is a hard thing to lose a loved one. But, there is something especially hard about losing your mother. Who do you go to with questions, with heartache, with complaints, with celebrations, with you name it? For most of us, it is our mom, and when you lose her you lose a part of your compass in life. Please pray for Mom's without moms as that fact is highlighted today. 

Mom 2: Mother's without focus. Being a mom is a hard task. Motherhood is glamorized as a life fulfilling and wonderful journey. But, the truth is that the day to day task of being a mom is like a vortex that traps you in a mess. Messes that nobody made. Stuff in places that you cannot identify or figure out how it got there. Attitudes that seem like they will never get adjusted. The day to day vortex of motherhood can make you lose focus on both the goal you are headed toward and the progress you've made. Please pray for mom's who are struggling to stay focused today. 

Mom 3: Mother's without children. Women seem to have so much pressure placed on them to have children. Some of it comes from within, and some of it come from outside sources. Sources like parents, friends, church members, culture. The pain of not having kids comes in various stages and for various reasons. But, the pain is real. It always brings up a question:“How can someone desire something so much, and God not giving them the desires of their heart?” That question leads to doubting self, doubting God, and doubting life. Please pray for Mother's without children on this day that highlights their deepest pain in life. They are hurting in ways that you may never know, see, or understand. But, their struggle is real and important to our church. 

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