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November 19, 2015, 12:10 PM


I think it is only fair that I give you fair warning. The last five commandments all deal with social issues, and social issues can become political issues. It seems to me that any time we begin to deal with social and political issues; we begin to tread on thin ice. People begin to get defensive and we all tend to get offended. 

Well, here is your warning. At some point in dealing with the next five commandments, I am going to offend you. Probably a lot. And, that is ok. It is good for us to get offended from time to time. We may not enjoy it, but as Christians it is good for us. I say that it is good for us because, as Christians, our desire is to align our heart with God's heart. 

I rarely get offended because someone agrees with me. When I get offended, it is usually because someone attacks or challenges something that I hold dearly. But, it is only when those things are challenged that I am forced to examine them in light of God's heart. Then, and only then, am I willing to honestly listen to God. 

Many times in our culture we get lured in to the trap that there are only two sides. But, all too often, neither side is 100% true to the heart of God. As Christians, our goal is not to pick a side, but rather to follow our King. 

We live in a culture that is easily offended and eager to fight. Many people, myself included, point to this as the great flaw of our country at the moment. I however am beginning to change my mind. I think that our greatest flaw may not be how easily we are offended, but rather how arrogant we are to believe we are always 100% right. 

As Christians, we must continually acknowledge that God is right, not us. We must continually seek to be closer to the heart of God. Finally, we must not waiver in following our king. So, over the next five commandments: let us dive deeper into God's word, strive to be closer to God's heart, and allow God to offend us where we are wrong. 

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