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April 1, 2017, 8:27 PM

What is Your Truth?

We all want to be our own boss, but in reality everyone surrenders their authority to some “Standard of Truth.” We all at some point, turn to something to justify the reasons for our action. We all point to something as proof that our ways are right. But, is your truth the truth?

Not long ago I got into an argument with a three year old about whether or not it was too cold to wear her Princess Ana dress. She had good reasons for wanting to wear it. It wasn't too cold because she wasn't cold. It was pretty. It was her favorite. She looked pretty in it. She wouldn't get cold because she wouldn't let Elsa touch her. Lots of good reasons. But, I had the truth. It was too cold because the temperature was below freezing. I appealed to the almighty thermometer.

In life, we appeal to many different things. Many people appeal to their emotions or the emotions of other. The way certain things, activities, or ideas make them feel. But, emotions are very fluid and changing. Things like 'Truth' and 'Right or Wrong' are not fluid and changing. They are steady. 

Many people may point to their opinion or the opinion of others. But there is no standard or set opinion. Some opinions may be more educated than others, but they are still not grounding truth. Your opinion on certain topics will change. Other's opinions will change more rapidly. Even worse is that who’s opinion you value will change even more rapidly. 

Some may champion science as the ultimate truth. But in reality, science is the ever changing search for the already established truth. Recently, scientist were able to identify and spot the HiggsBoson particle. Before that, they knew that it should be there but were not positive because they could not positively identify it. But, before that, they did not even know where to look. Their ability to find, theorize, or even know to theorize did not change the truth that the HiggsBoson particle existed. Science cannot be our ultimate truth, because science is not truth itself. Science is the search for truth.

Jesus said: I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.... In saying that, He claimed to be the steady and unchanging rock solid truth about life and ultimate reality. Jesus is the source of the already established truth that science explores. Jesus is the life changing truth that sets us free from our emotions. Jesus is the truth that provides solid ground for the wise man to build.

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