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September 11, 2015, 1:22 PM

When Evil Invades

This week we remembered the tragedy of September 11th, 2001.  Facebook and social media was full of stories, pictures and memorials.   What happened that day was life altering for the entire country. 

Sometimes, we witness evil that is so obvious that it changes the way we understand life.  Days like September 11th, the assassination of President Kennedy, and the bombing of Pearl Harbor are days that have done that for our whole country.  But, many of us have had days in our personal life that has had the same effect on an individual basis.  Days where our life was shocked to the core by the results of evil in the world.  Fortunately, these days are rare.  But, unfortunately that does not mean that evil is rare. 

All too often, evil sneaks up on us.  It is the result of small comprises the happen in simplest areas of life on a daily basis.  All too often, evil invades like the darkness of night: slowly as to not to alarm us,  quietly as to not to alert us, and then completely as to not to let us go. 

On days like September 11th we remember the shock and terror that comes when we are confronted with evil.  The events that took place that day were planned by men who's hearts were bent against the will of God.  We must remember that the horror of September 11th was present in the sin on September 10th.  Our biggest issue is the 7 billion plus sinful hearts that inhabit the earth. 

Evil truly is the result of sin.  To defeat evil, we must turn to the one who defeated sin.  We must remember that to do battle with evil in the world, we must begin with our own struggle with sin.  

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