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November 17, 2016, 11:32 AM

You Church

Today we are going to draw a comparison between you and your family and your role in our church. You have a wide range of family relationships. You have family that you see every other family reunion, and you have family that you see every day.  Churches have a wide range of member relationships as well. There are the CEO members who you only see for Christmas, Easter, and Other major life events.  Then there are the faithful few that show up for every event on the church calendar. 

See if you can identify your family relationships and compare them to your church involvement:

Family Reunion Family & CEO Attendees

You know them. You see them, but not as often as you know you should. Takes a special occasion for it to happen. Could be for good reasons or bad reasons. 

Holiday Family & Regular Attendees

You know them. You look forward to seeing them. You may see them often, but you really wish you saw them more. 

Close Family & Participators/Doers

You are in regular contact with these people. You can count on them. They have stories on you. May not see as often as you like, but when you do it's like the relationship hasn't skipped a beat. These are the ones that call before stopping by.

Extended Family & Joiners

You know them well and see them often. You are committed to them in life. They are at least getting something small for Christmas. They probably show up to help you move. See for multiple holidays and probably more often than just the big holidays. These people may get on your nerves, but the relationship is strong enough that you still love them and get along. May stop by out of the blue. 

Immediate Family & Active Doers

You rely on these people. They make life easier. You have certainly had disagreements over the years, but relationship is bigger, stronger, and more important than any disagreement. They stop by and may not even knock before coming in. 

Glue of the Family & Leadership

These are the people that connect everyone together. They are the planners. You will do something that you may not want to do because of you relationship with them. These people have had a real impact on your life. 

How do you relate to the church family, and is it where it should be?

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